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SKS Compit Anywhere + Compit Smartbag Kit

SKS Compit Anywhere + Compit Smartbag Kit
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The Compit Anywhere + Compit Smartbag Kit is an all-in-one kit to securely carry and view your phone anywhere on your bike while riding. The Smartbag attachment is a great way to keep your phone dry and store a few things while keeping an eye on your phone! With a simple 1/4 turn, you can lock your phone into either a vertical or horizontal position on your bike. The Compit features an adjustable bayonet-style holder, so you can even adjust the tilt of your phone to find your perfect view.

Kit Contents:

- 11703-Compit Anywhere
- 11671-Compit Smartbag

Compit Anywhere offers a simple, fast, and universal solution for every ride you want to bring your phone along for.

Featuring a robust hook and loop system as well as two locking rings, the Compit Anywhere can be securely fastened to your handlebar, stem, or top tube. The 300mm hook and loop strap are long enough to fit multiple locations on almost any bike setup. The system also features a unique tilting function so that you can adjust your phone out of the shadows or get rid of a sunny reflection while you ride.

COMPIT Smartbag Phone Holder is waterproof and universal. The Smartbag can be mounted to the COMPIT holder of your choice. The phone is always in sight and a transparent window ensures easy use of the touch screen. The inside pocket offers additional storage space for keys and cash, or the COMPIT COM+ Battery. Suitable for phones 155mm x 80mm x 15mm.